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TAC Grant Awards Announced

The Jefferson Arts Council awards fourteen County Art teachers program grants for their initiative and creativity. The total grant amount surpassed amounts given in the past with a total of eight thousand dollars pledged. The programs are a diverse mixture of different approaches to teaching art.

The following recipients were awarded Teaching Arts Creatively Grants:

Emily Cumberland/Ranson Elementary - Architectural &Decorative clay wall hanging project visiting artist—Anne Rule Thompson

Laura Miller/Wildwood MS - Printmaking –visiting artist Susan Carney

Amanda Groff/Shepherd Elementary - lay sculpture Koi fish to hang in Shepherd Univ. library—guest artist Anne Rule Thompson.

Pamela Shearer/ S. Jefferson Elementary - Musical which combines Music teacher and Reading & language arts teacher

Sarah Sullivan/S. Jefferson Elementary - School wide art project with visiting artist Mr. Modler

Katherine Mackinnon/Shepherd MS - Museum field trip

Tammy Kidwiler/N.Jefferson Elementary -Multicultural Music Program with the entire school—all teachers participating with visiting artist Isaac

Joseph Band, Kendra Clark/Shipley Elementary -Clay Mask Making with visiting artist Anne Rule Thompson

Sam Nelson/ Washington HS - Art Materials for block printing project.

Loretta Ober/Washington HS - College prep Portfolio Project visiting consultants/ shepherd Univ. & J. Lappen

Constance Balnuoff/ Blue Ridge Primary & Blue Ridge Elementary -

Art Materials for watercolor for both school

Trisha Nupp Art, Amanda Winebrenner PE/ T.A. Lowery Elementary School - Interdisciplinary project. Creating garden art for schools walking trail.

Angela Weaver/Music Teacher -Driswood Elementary School

Purchase of 8-channel wireless microphone system for their musical theatre performances

Lisa Petterson, Driswood Elementary, Clay Mask Project.

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