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Artist Isaiah Zagar worked with 600 volunteer to create mosaics in Charles Town, WV in 2018       
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Maximize the impact of the Arts in our community

Create Arts based cultural alliances

Provide direct grants to promote Arts education and projects

JAC's Mission

Through our Fiscal Agency Program, the Jefferson Arts Council provides non-profit affiliation and organizational development support for qualified Arts Organizations. Many young Arts organizations find they need the support and experience of an established Arts Alliance. Many grantors require that prospective grantees have a programming track record to apply for funding. JAC's Fiscal Agency Program is designed to assist qualified Arts programs deliver quality programming. For more information on our Fiscal Agency Program contact us!

Fiscal Agency

Serving Jefferson County, West Virginia

Available Grants

Teaching Arts Creatively (TAC) Grants: Teaching Arts Creatively promotes the ability for teachers to present concepts in new and exciting ways in an experiential learning environment.

Community Grant: The purpose of the Community Grant is to provide a vehicle to support worthy art-based projects in the community.  Awards are valued up to $300 each.

JAC Logo

The Jefferson Arts Council provides organizational support for artists looking to exhibit their work. The Fire Hall Gallery is part of the Washington Street Artists Co-operative.

Exhibitions at Fire Hall Gallery

Through our Art In Place program the Jefferson Arts Council designs and commissions public art installations.

Art In Place

Charles Town Mosaic
Student Art
Artists Gallery
Bringing The Arts To Everyone
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